March, 2018

Well our nice weather from February did not carry over and we had one heck of a windy and cold March. This has made the water cold and dirty. [...]

February, 2018

Well February was good and bad. We had a brief period of nice weather and when we could get out the reef was on fire. We had several charters [...]

January, 2018

Well a new year and we finally had some new " cooler " weather. With this cooler weather has come lots of wind. When we could make it out [...]

December, 2017

We still havent had much cold weather and the fishing is still hot. In December the Kingfish started to show in force. We had several days with over 50 [...]

November, 2017

Well another great month is in the books. We still havent had any cold weather which has been great for the offshore pelagics. We have had a good dolphin [...]

October, 2017

October's fishing was insane. The large bull redfish have been right out front for almost an entire month. We also saw lots of nice tripletail on the buoys. Farther offshore [...]

September, 2017

Well, this one was tough. We had Hurricane Irma blow threw and really stir things up. This made fishing tough when we could get out. Once this water cleans [...]

August, 2018

Well, this August was one for the books. It was one of the best that I can recall. We had steady action on the reef and also had some [...]