What should I bring on my deep sea fishing charter?

When fishing in the beautiful Florida waters, you should come prepared for the Florida sun as well.  Be sure to bring plenty of sun screen, a hat, and cool clothes.  A long sleeve shirt that will also keep you cool is always suggested.  We are always safety conscious and bring plenty of water to ensure you do not get dehydrated.

What kind of fish will I catch on my deep sea fishing adventure?

Depending on the conditions and the time of year, we ensure to maximize your fish catching potential.  Off the Florida Cape Canaveral coast, we have mahi mahi, king fish, triple tail, snook, cobia, red snapper, mangrove snapper, sea bass, flounder, skip jack tuna, black tuna, wahoo,  just to name a few.

Do I get to get to keep the fish I catch on my deep sea fishing charter?

Being Florida natives, we try to balance conservation and your experience.  We have a policy of allowing one fish per fisherman as to not over fish our waters.  While inshore fishing, we are a strict catch and release boat as our river and estuaries are very delicate.

What kind of food should I bring on my deep sea fishing charter?

We encourage our fisherman to bring easy to eat handheld food like sandwiches and chips as they are easy on the stomach, fast to eat, and easy to set down if you suddenly get a fish on your line.